Welcome Curacao!

We are proud to announce that Curacao has entered the TAZ world map and our growing family. Earlier this month D&I Business Support Services (D&I) joined the group of companies within Catalyst Global network that uses TAZ Go Team platform for innovative corporate events worldwide. D&I was established in 2010 with the aim to do [...]

Otava Folk High School takes ActionTrack into use – ActionTrack käytössä myös toisen asteen koulutuksessa

Otava Folk High School, located in the Region of Mikkeli, started to use ActionTrack in the beginning of the Autumn semester. The school is actively involved in phenomena based teaching and learning. This pedagogical tool aims to expand students' knowledge outside classroom with real-life experiences. For this ActionTrack is a perfect platform. http://www.otavanopisto.fi/inenglish Syyslukukauden alussa ActionTrackin [...]

TAZ and Rapid Action Group into a long-term partnership

TAZ and Rapid Action Group (RAG), a societal corporation located in Finland, started a long-term collaboration in August this year. RAG will work closely with TAZ by building new service concepts based on TAZ ActionTrack platform and by opening international sales channels. Mika Pirttivaara, CEO of RAG: "We at the Rapid Action Group Ltd. have [...]

Chinese top teachers experiment ActionTrack

University of Turku, Department of Teacher Education - Photo by Katja Kontu Last Friday 12.9. a delegation of Chinese teachers from the Beijing area - top professionals in the field of education - got the chance to familiarize themselves with ActionTrack and its benefits in teaching. These honorary guests got to experience the product themselves in [...]

TAZ presentation at Open Finland 2014

TAZ will today give a presentation at the fully booked Open Finland 2014 event in Wanha Satama, Helsinki. The presentation title is: "Designing a multi-purpose SW platform powered with gamification". The event program can be viewed here: http://avoinsuomi2014.fi/ohjelma. TAZ presentation at 1:30pm is also webcasted (Sali F, Teema 5). See the webcast link on the program page.

TAZ technology enters Googleplex

TAZ technologies will be tomorrow demonstrated at the Googleplex, the corporate headquarters, for the first time. TAZ partners, Bluehat Group and Catalyst Global, have earlier organized several corporate events for Google teams in different countries.  The next step in this relationship takes place at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California.  TAZ Go Team and ActionTrack [...]

TAZ and Bluehat Group deepen their partnership

This week the top management of Bluehat Group (UK) visited TAZ and spent the whole week in Tampere planning the next steps of a very well started business relationship. Last year Bluehat Group introduced TAZ to the Catalyst Global corporate event organizer network, whose members' catalog consisted of over 150 event products. Last month TAZ Go [...]

TAZ at EAS 2014 exhibition

TAZ will be an exhibitor at European Attractions Show 2014 in Amsterdam, September 23-25. Visit our booth to see the latest developments and future plans of ActionTrack! EAS home page TAZ booth 7143

Find Tampere parks with ActionTrack

City of Tampere has implemented a park application using the ActionTrack platform. With the application you can get information about the history of the parks, find statues and best places for sightseeing, and even perform interesting tasks. You may navigate through the whole route or just select the places of your interest. "Thanks for the [...]

ActionTrack presentation at MMVC14 online conference

Maija and Jukka gave a 60-minute presentation at the Moodlemoot Virtual Conference on August 1st. The title of the presentation was "ActionTrack - Learning by Experiencing", and it focused on using ActionTrack in education.In total, the conference brought together more than 2000 academics and practitioners from all around the world. The reception for our interactive tutorial was very enthusiastic, and the [...]