feature image google ATWe have just released a new version of ActionTrack, which includes several new features to help our licensees to create richer experiences for their customers. Examples include loyalty programs, series of linked activities, and multimedia challenges.

One of the biggest features is the possibility to earn virtual objects (such as keys) by visiting checkpoints and completing activities. The objects may be needed to enter the next activity, to visit a checkpoint, or to select a route. The activity organizer can also grant objects for the participants and create scheduled objects.

ActionTrack application supports now 16 languages, the latest additions being Italian, Japan, Hebrew, and Slovenian. The application has also new multimedia elements such as Youtube video, embedded web page, web link, and video recording. Other new features include, e.g., selecting routes based on answer correctness.

For the activity organizer, we have added several helpful features such as importing template to template, a new message center, and an improved activity result view.