Boost your meeting with a fun and energizing team game that improves the sense of togetherness and synergy

Team Action Zone offers customer groups of Hotel Mestari energizing, fun and customized activities in connection with meetings. Language options: English and Finnish.

Our team games are fun and energizing activities that are suitable to be experienced either before the meeting, during the breaks of the meeting or after the meeting. The members of your group only need their own phones or tablets and the free ActionTrack app to participate. It’s very easy to play, no manual required. All games can be customized with your own questions.

In most activities, we recommend that your group is divided into small teams (e.g. teams of 2-6 people), for each of which one mobile device is sufficient. Each team can choose the best device with the battery as full as possible and so on. In some activities, everyone participates with their own mobile device.

Below we present our indoor and outdoor activities suitable for various needs. We have also many other activities, and we create fully customized activities based on requirements, so you can freely tell us what interests you. We are developing new activities all the time, for example, “Amazing Adventure – Helsinki” is is our latest offering for the summer…

Indoor Activities

Globetrotters' Blackjack

Tactical and fun quiz with a risk element

Globetrotters’ Blackjack is a fun team game that requires knowledge, tactics and risk-taking. The game includes photos from different parts of the world, which locations teams need to identify to earn points. The points can then be used to take risk at the blackjack table.

The game is played in teams of 2-6 players who can monitor each other’s scores in real time and play strategically in the last moments to win.

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Who's Who?

Ice breaker game for mates and strangers

Do you know if your colleague would rather be a time traveler or a star soccer player? Or what is the biggest injustice or problem in the world according your colleague? These are examples of the things your group members will learn from each other and start completely new kind of vivid conversations.

The game separates the members of your group from the typical stubborn small groups to socialize with everyone.

Duration: 30-90 minutes

Crime Time

Different collaborative murder mystery

Teams of 2-6 players must solve the murderer, the accomplice, the weapon, the motive, the time of the murder and the place of the murder.

The game requires the qualities needed by real crime investigators, such as observation, concentration, recall, wit and teamwork.

Each team’s solution is different, so you shouldn’t spy on others.

Duration: 60+ minutes

Quiz Bingo

Quiz Bingo combines knowledge, attention and luck

To get a mark on their bingo coupon, the team must choose one of the drawn balls that corresponds to the number on the team’s coupon, and then answer the given question correctly. There are a total of 75 balls and questions in the game.

The teams need to form 1-line, 2-line and full house bingos on their coupons.

Faster bingos give bigger bonus points. The highest scoring team wins.

View game video here

(video of the original outdoor version)

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Outdoor Activities

Amazing Adventure - Helsinki

The “Amazing Adventure – Helsinki” city adventure has several themed legs, which are placed in different locations in Helsinki. Each team can complete legs in the order they want.

When arriving at the selected leg, the team gets a description of the leg and the criteria to activate the finish of the leg. The team gets bonus points  based on the time spent on the leg.

The team with the most points wins.

Duration: 90+ minutes


A cooperative city adventure game

A city adventure game in which players search for energy for their clans to activate treasure caves of different sizes. The fastest clans robs the caves.

The game also has hidden treasure chests, puzzle checkpoints and various individual and clan level bonuses.

A fun way to get to know the environment. Winning requires good cooperation!

View game video here

(“Manse TrezrHunt”, a very large special occasion with VIP clan leaders…)

Duration: 90+ minutes

Move & Solve

Well-being at work break game

Move & Solve is an energizing break game that helps activate teams of 2-6 players with break exercises and questions about well-being. The game can be played indoors or outdoors before the meeting or during breaks. Bye bye drowsiness at the meetings.

This game with a purpose is also a fun competition. At the end of the meeting, the team leader can reveal the teams’ scores and review selected questions.

View game video here

(video of the original outdoor game version)

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Outdoor Bingo

Catch bingo balls by moving around outdoors

Play bingo like never before! To get a mark on your coupon, you must go to the matching virtual bingo ball that has appeared in the outdoor game area.

You will also get a mark on the coupon if you catch two balls in a row, the sum of which can be found on your coupon.

The first team to form a given bingo always gets the biggest bonus points. The team with the highest overall score wins.

Duration: 60+ minutes

Pricing (includes customization)

max 20 persons: 500€ + VAT
max 40 persons: 700€ + VAT
max 70 persons: 900€ + VAT
max 100 persons: 1100€ + VAT
extra persons >100: 4€/person + VAT

We add customer’s own questions and other content such as graphics (e.g. your logo) to all games. Indicate your ideas for customization when ordering your game.

VAT = 24%

Did you get interested?

You can ask more about the games or order the team game of your choice by email: contact@taz.fi or by calling
+358-50-4835876 (Kari Laurila) or +358-40-5466320 (Kristian Fahler). Hotel Mestari will add the game price to your bill.

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