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Our team games, which have been played in more than 60 countries, are fun activities that can be experienced either indoors or outdoors. The games offer challenges to be completed together, surprises, collaboration and, if chosen, also physical exercise. The members of your group only need their phones or tablets and the free ActionTrack mobile app to play. It's very easy to play, no manual is required. During all the games you can see the real-time ranking list, and thus, your point difference to the top.

We recommend that you play Globetrotters' Blackjack and Move & Solve games in small teams (e.g. 2-4 people), having one shared mobile device. The Crime Time game is played in teams of 2-6 people (clans), each member having a mobile device. The FlagHunt game is played in teams of 4-10 people (clans), each member having a mobile device. The TrezrHunt game is played in teams of 12-15 people (clans), each member having a mobile device. Outdoor Bingo, Who's Who?, and Treasure of Captain Drake games are played so that each player has a mobile device.
We will send you clear instructions for your game on how to join and how to play. If you have any questions, you can contact us after receiving the instructions.


Max 20 players: 300€ + VAT

Max 40 players: 500€ + VAT

Max 70 players: 700€ + VAT

Max 100 players: 900€ + VAT

Max 200 players: 1100€ + VAT

This is a different murder mystery experience in which 2-6 player teams need to solve the following: murderer, assistant, weapon, motive, time and location. The game requires similar skills as the real detectives possess: observation, concentration, recall, wit and teamwork. Players visit six differently colored spots on the virtual game board to activate/flip the murder cards for each area by solving various crime challenges. The players will get a time bonus when they give the correct solution for the murder. The team with the highest points wins (the overall score is the sum of the time bonus and the crime challenge points).

Duration: 90 minutes


Catch virtual Flags appearing on the map. Be the first to find hidden Treasures and to team up with Robbers. Act on various Bonus challenges. The highest scoring player wins!

Duration: 45 minutes

Globetrotters' Blackjack is a tactical game that mixes risk taking, use of knowledge and optional outdoor walks. The game has 3 levels that bring bonuses and new opportunities for bigger points. The game features a blackjack table (50 rounds of blackjack), 50 globetrotter questions and up to 5 outdoor walk challenges. The participants can get points from all of these, and they can maximize the score by planning in which order and which quantity each time to experience all of these. Some team members can excel in questions, and others in blackjack. The proposed game time: 60 minutes. The highest scoring team wins.

Duration: 60 minutes

Move & Solve

”Move & Solve” is a low threshold and straightforward game in which the teams solve 20 or 40 challenges while walking outdoors. The teams will always receive a new brain teaser once they have moved 100 meters outdoors. There are multiple options for brain teasers, slowly revealed images to be recognized, trivia questions around the world, and so on. The game can be played at any time, and also intermittently during the day. The highest scoring team wins!

Duration: 45 minutes

Play bingo like never before! Catch the virtual bingo balls outdoors to form lines on your coupon. Be the first to form 1 line, 2 lines and full house bingos to get bigger points.

Duration: 75 minutes

Kapteeni koukun aarre

You may catch any of the pirate items on the map and get basic points. The game gives you series of challenges to catch specific pirate items to get bonus points and to activate valuable treasure chests.

Duration: 45 minutes


Adventure game, in which players find differently colored energy portions for their clans and activate treasure caves. The fastest clan robs each of the five caves. The game also features hidden treasure chests, questions & puzzles, and various personal and clan bonuses. Guaranteed fun!

Duration: 90 minutes

Who is who

Who's who? ice breaker game inspires participants to get social with each other. Laughter and high fives expected! The participants get acquainted with each other in a fun and engaging way. Participants also learn new things about each other. The participants need to answer 4 initial questions and choose characters who they would like to be for a week, if they could be anyone. After this the participants either scan QR codes on other participants' screens, or let other participants scan their QR code. After scanning, the participant gets a challenge on the participant they just met. The target is to get acquainted with as many other participants as possible, find all characters, and get as many points as possible. Guaranteed fun!

Duration: 90 minutes


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