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Kajo 2022 -Customer story

Kajo Finnjamboree

Finlands Scouter (Suomen Partiolaiset) used several custom-made ActionTrack games that encouraged participants to move outdoors at the Kajo Finnjamboree in July 2022.The ”Valo”-game collected opinions from the participants prior to the event. This data was available to the organizers. In the”Keskiäis”-game, the entire camp, 13 500 scouts, was divided into 5-person teams and 640-person games. Teams were guided by ActionTrack, and they sought new checkpoints in the forest, at which two random teams always merged and were given a common challenge. The merging continued until the 320-person teams merged into 640-person teams, completed the last challenge, and finally were directed to the lake shore for the evening program.

Feedback from the third, ”Rauhalaakso”-game, by Jussi Tiihonen, Kajo 2022: “When we used ActionTrack service at the Kajo scout camp, it worked excellently, and we got a lot of positive feedback. More specifically, we used ActionTrack in a program called Rauhalaakso, which was attended by approximately 5 000 – 10 000 scouts, most of them between the ages of 12 and 17. We found lots of tools from ActionTrack, with which we were able to implement all the features we wanted. It took a surprisingly long time to test and refine the features, but help from TAZ was very useful for us, and the finished version of the game felt very well thought out.

The participants found the ActionTrack game of Rauhalaakso very interesting, and right at the beginning of the game, the scouts from our local support team helped the participants to get to know the map and the logic of the game. Adult support staff and the invited guests (e.g. Risto Siilasmaa) praised the implementation and testing of the game.”

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