New revenue possibilities for hotels

ActionTrack service allows you to increase the revenue, save money and surprise your customers with engaging and fun mobile games. Our games are suitable for your corporate team guests as well as for families and individual guests. Your staff can start private games for corporate teams in 30 seconds, and the games for families and individual guest can be fully automated. Your customers can play our games with their own mobile devices, so all you need is what you already have, indoor or outdoor space!

The best tool for event professionals

ActionTrack service is the most extensive and flexible tool out there for teambuildings and other team events. With ActionTrack license you have access to the ActionTrack web tool, with which you can create your very own activities and games from scratch. You can also utilize our game templates and modify them as you like. With or without a license, you may purchase various turnkey team games from our web store, and launch them for your customers. You may also quickly add your own content to them, and customize to a certain customer’s or event’s needs.

Examples from our games portfolio

Visit our new web store for the turnkey ActionTrack games. This is the easiest and fastest way to organize a self-run team event based on our games catalog.

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ActionTrack features

Web authoring tool

Create and manage your activities and their visual look using your personal web tool – no programming skills are required at any stage of the process.

Dynamic activities

Design, create, launch and follow various outdoor (GPS) or indoor (QR code) activities. Allow your customers to host self-run activities by using start codes.

Free mobile apps

With the free iOS and Android apps users can browse activities, preload and join them. Users can participate simultaneously in an unlimited amount of activities, as well as leave and re-join them.

Your own look & feel

You can define your own look & feel separately for each activity. Use your own icons, images, videos, backgrounds, custom maps and other graphics.

Company and ActionTrack background story

Established in 2010, Team Action Zone is a Finland-based innovation leader and the developer of the ActionTrack platform, consisting of a cloud service and the compatible mobile applications.

ActionTrack service allows TAZ customers to create games with a purpose with an easy-to-use graphical web tool (license model). Alternatively, TAZ customers may utilize and quickly customize our turnkey games for various purposes (transactional model).

ActionTrack games provide engagement, collaboration, physical action, mobile learning, and fun team competitions.

TAZ ActionTrack platform is available worldwide in several customer segments, including education and training, travel and resorts, event organizers and advertising agencies. As of 2020, TAZ ActionTrack has been used in more than 50 countries.

Contact us!

Kari Laurila - CEO

+358 50 483 5876

Technical support


WCAG 2.1

We have assessed ActionTrack web-tool and mobile applications against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. Based on this work, we conclude that ActionTrack meets the A & AA requirements for the most parts.

If you identify accessibility problems, please give us feedback by sending an email to contact@taz.fi. Our response may take up to 14 days. In case you do not receive our reply, you may report the issue to the public officer with an email to saavutettavuus@avi.fi.

Team Action Zone

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