With ActionTrack you can design, create, and launch various outdoor or indoor experiences – using your own content and look & feel anywhere around the world!

What is ActionTrack?

ActionTrack experience platform consists of a licenseable web tool and a free-to-use mobile application. As an ActionTrack licensee, you can create and manage your activities and their visual look using your personal web tool – no programming skills are required at any stage of the process. Whether you are looking for entertainment or practical mobile solutions, ActionTrack is your best choice!

ActionTrack offers …

… of location-based experience platforms out there.


ActionTrack platform suits events of any size, and it is the preferred solution of the largest corporate event organizer network in the world, Catalyst Global.

Make your events exceptional

Whether the theme of your event is rewarding employees, team building, a treasure hunt, a festival, a competition, or just a relaxing post-meeting activity, ActionTrack keeps people informed, in motion, and in a great mood.


ActionTrack offers on-site and off-site learning for both school and corporate environments. ActionTrack is currently used in all levels of education in Finland.

Bring fun and passion into education

ActionTrack is a location- and context-aware learning platform that supports any pedagogical approach. ActionTrack complements class activities, field trips, lectures, physical education as well as training events.


With ActionTrack it is easy to create various custom tours, interactive area guides, adventure games, and engaging experiences for travelers and visitors.

Offer unforgettable experiences

With ActionTrack you can turn the discovery of local points of interest into an unforgettable experience. Like the world’s oldest amusement park, Bakken, you can easily offer something special for everyone.


ActionTrack is an engaging platform for advertisements and marketing campaigns. Consumers not only get informed, they also get involved.

Engage your customers

ActionTrack can link cross-media content, such as web pages, print media and TV broadcasts, into a seamless campaign in which consumers are eager to learn more, to express themselves and to win.

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ActionTrack features

  • Indoor activities
  • Outdoor activities
  • Location-independent activities
  • GPS checkpoints
  • QR code checkpoints
  • Google/Apple Maps
  • Custom maps
  • Custom paths
  • Unlimited routes
  • Interactive stories
  • Guidance with a map
  • Guidance with an arrow
  • Multimedia editor
  • Virtual objects
  • Points and versatile scoring
  • Dynamic content
  • Chat
  • Time limits
  • On-line activities
  • Off-line activities
  • Password protected activities
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Results and statistics
  • Activity data export
  • 18 languages
  • Video support
  • High-performance native apps


Established in 2010, Team Action Zone is a Finland-­based innovation leader that provides cutting-edge mobile solutions for location-­based activities. Built upon the success of the first, award-­winning products, TAZ created the multi­purpose ActionTrack platform that allows TAZ customers to develop various location-based activities with an easy-to-use graphical web tool. TAZ ActionTrack platform is available for licensing worldwide in several customer segments, including education and training, travel and resorts, event organizers and advertizing agencies. As of 2016, TAZ ActionTrack is licensed in more than 40 countries.

Contact us!

TAZ team members have firstname.lastname@taz.fi email addresses in use. TAZ key contacts are listed below.

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Kari LaurilaCEO
+358 50 483 5876
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Tommi HaakanaSales
+358 400 411 407
Teemu Perämäki
Teemu PerämäkiRnD