Risk-free hotel revenue booster

  • In & outdoor activities your guests will love
  • No up-front investment or costs
  • Easy to set up

Trusted by leading hotel companies

Risk-free hotel revenue booster

  • In & outdoor activities your guests will love
  • No up-front investment or costs
  • Easy to set up

Trusted by leading hotel companies

Why TUI recommends us...

“TUI Nordic has for some years had a very fruitful cooperation with TAZ creating interactive and digital activities for our Nordic concept units in over +10 destinations worldwide.

The games have been very user friendly, easy to play, fun, giving knowledge and appreciated by our customers. We very much enjoy working with Kari and his team, who always deliver on time, exceed expectations and show understanding for our needs. Kari has listened to our wishes and feedback and has created custom-made digital activities suitable for our customers and brand. We highly recommend TAZ as a reliable and innovative partner

–Eeva Sainio,
TUI Blue Star Executive

Fun, engaging and affordable activities for your guests

Do you have MICE groups coming to your hotel for conferences, teambuilding days, or meetings? Do yo want to offer them something new, special, and interesting with minimum involvement by your staff? Do you also want to make all of this very affordable to your guests? If so, we have a perfect solution for you.

We have over 12 years of experience with engaging team activities utilizing mobile technologies. Our games combine physical exercise, team building and learning in a fun, unique and multiple award-winning way. Our games have been tested and appreciated at hotels and conference centers in over 60 countries by teams representing the world leading brands.

“Move & Solve” is one of our easy-to-play and fun games for a meeting energizer. It takes your customers away from their business agenda and energizes their bodies and minds with short walks and entertaining brain teasers. Plus it’s a great competition!

We offer multiple service options

All inclusive team games service: We create a branded landing page for your MICE groups about the team games available, we sell the event to your MICE group, we customize the game, we educate the group about the game, we deliver the event remotely and we give techical support. You’ll get a share of the revenue.

Team games launched by your staff: We install the games for you, and allow you to launch the games for your MICE groups. We charge you a small fixed fee per game, and you can charge anything you want form your customers. We also offer customization by request.

Automated games for leisure guests: We automate the selected games for your leisure guests, and schedule them to start according to your weekly calendar. The guests can experience the games even without your staff involvement. There is also an option for paid games (extra revenue to you).

The games are ideal for very heterogenous groups: always quick to get started – games include all instructions needed, no special skills needed – all participants are equal, no waiting times – everyone is busy during the whole activity, the games activate legs and brains – refreshing both the body and mind.

Mobile-optimised hotel experiences

Our event library includes games from meeting energizers to challenging team competitions. You can use any space you want for the event, and your guests can play the games using their own mobile devices. 

Check some of our most popular games below:

Check a demo video of our murder mystery game

Customizable for your hotel

Whether you want to make our games fit our look & feel or make the most of the location your hotel is in, we can make it happen. We can customize each game to serve your needs with your look & feel. Book a meeting with us to learn more!

Ready to delight your customers?

We want to help your hotel to organize better group events and activities with minimal work from you. So let’s book a meeting together and discuss more how our ActionTrack games could help you increase your revenue and delight your customers.

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