Unforgettable team building for just £2 per employee​

With ActionTrack Games you can:

  • Reduce team-building costs
  • Improve employee collaboration
  • Increase workplace wellbeing

Our mobile games have been played in over 60 countries

Unique team events that bring employees together

ActionTrack can give you:

  • World-class service with low cost
  • Engaging, collaborative team games
  • Customization based on your needs
  • Remote organization by us

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4 reasons you should bring your event alive with ActionTrack

  1. We are trusted worldwide. Our team games have been played in more than 60 countries, by independent companies, hotel groups and events organisers.
  2. We help you build high-performing teams and increase employee well-being through games that offer challenges to be completed together with positive collaboration.
  3. Fun and very easy to play. The members of your group only need their phones or tablets and the free ActionTrack mobile app to play. No manual is required. During all the games you can see the real-time ranking list, and thus, your point difference to the top.
  4. Our games can be made according to your needs. We can customize any game from our catalogue with your own content, so all your teams can experience and learn from it the way you want.

GAME OF THE MONTH: Who's Who? ice breaker

Who’s who? ice breaker game inspires players to get social instantly. Laughter and high fives expected! The players get acquainted with each other in a fun and engaging way.

The game is equally suited to players who know each other and players who don’t. The trick is in the initial questions and the character selection: who would you be for one week if you could be anyone? When players meet during the game they need to guess what others answered or chose. Lots of unique discussions are initiated.

See the game leaflet here.

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