Unique team events to bring employees together

ActionTrack Games are trusted around the world:

  • Create your own meeting ice-breakers
  • Great to use at team events
  • Supports teambuilding and employee wellness

Ben, Commercial Director, London

Unique team events to bring employees together

ActionTrack Games are trusted around the world:

  • Create your own meeting ice-breakers
  • Great to use at team events
  • Supports teambuilding and employee wellness

Why does my team need ActionTrack games?

Are you looking for something new to do as a team after your meeting? Or are you looking for fun event activities that can help you to entertain while promoting teamwork? Are you looking for team games that can be customized with your questions and other content? ActionTrack is the fun way of doing all this and more!

Our ActionTrack team games service combines physical exercise, team building and learning in a fun, unique and multiple award-winning way.

How can ActionTrack help?

Whether you need an ice-breaker for a single meeting or a teambuilding game for a larger event, ActionTrack games has the solution for you. We create customized team games based on your needs to reach your goals and can even be designed using your look&feel and content.

ActionTrack team games at a glance

  • Perfect for one-off meetings, big and small events
  • Library of more than 30 games that support work well-being and act as catalysts for real-world activities
  • Outdoors and indoors options
  • Very easy to get going. No special skills are needed
  • Games played using participants’ own mobile devices
  • Extensive customization: Your own content, information, questions and feedback can be included in the games

Who's Who? - Our ice-breaker game

Who’s Who? ice breaker game inspires players to become social right away. Expect discussion, laughter and top fives. Players get to know each other and learn new things in a fun and addictive way. No manual required!

Outdoor Bingo – Play bingo like never before! Catch the virtual bingo balls outdoors to form lines on your coupon. Be the first to form 1 line, 2 lines and full house bingos to get bigger points.

Move & solve – A meeting energizer combining outdoor exercise and brain teasers.

Globetrotters’ Blackjack – Globetrotters’ Blackjack is a tactical team game that mixes risk taking, use of knowledge and optional outdoor walks. The highest scoring team wins.

Crime Time – A different murder mystery experience in which teams need to solve the following: murderer, assistant, weapon, motive, time and location.

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Contact us

Looking for more information about our games? Or maybe some specific game? Let us help! Leave us a contact request, or book a meeting with us, and let’s start creating awesome experiences together.

Further information

TAZ customizes and launches a selected game for you, delivers game instructions and results, and provides technical support. You experience the game with your own mobile device, tablet or phone, using a free ActionTrack app.

Pricing according to the number of participants and the duration of the game VAT-0 (minimum: €300)

Game order link

We can launch the games for your team based on your requests, and you can also launch games on your own, whenever you want. Self-run games can be purchased at TAZ’s online store.

The game launcher can further customize the game with own questions. The game launcher gets a link to the results, answers and statistics of the game. Answers of the teams can be exported to Excel, for example.

Participants can join the games with their desired username or anonymously. In team games, “clans” can be pre-created or players can form clans themselves. Different teams, offices, cities or countries of the organization can compete against each other as clans. Clans and participants have access to chat and a real-time ranking lists.

You get a report on each game

  • Ranking list, clans and participants with points
  • Answers to questions and histograms (export option)
  • Activity and exercise of clans and participants

Want to have a chat, just send us an email: contact@taz.fi

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