Liven up your summer party with a fun ice-breaker game!

Who is who? -game will raise the atmosphere of your summer party to the ceiling, everyone wants to throw themselves into it! Players learn new things from each other in a fun and engaging way. You can play the game along with the other program of the summer party.

The game contains topical and opinion-provoking issues and a jump into a parallel “what if” world! Very easy to play, you don’t need a manual! The members of your group only need their own phone or tablet and the free ActionTrack app to play.

This was awesome! The game worked perfectly to get the participants to know each other. The players were more active than we could imagine. Wonderful!!!”, Marika Kojo, Communications manager, Papula-Nevinpat.

The price of the game also includes customization! You can give 1-4 of your own questions (instead of the default questions), each of which having four answer options. During the game, the participants get to guess what others have answered. In addition, each participant gets to choose which of the 16 characters in the game they would like to be for a week, if they could do so without consequences. Participants get to guess other people’s selections with arguments. WARNING: May cause uncontrollable laughter!

We will send you clear instructions for your game on how to join and how to play. If you have any questions, you can contact us after receiving the instructions.

The game is available in Finnish or English. The game is playable for a whole day (you just tell us the date).

Game instructions: See here


Max 20 participants: 300€ + VAT

Max 40 participants: 500€ + VAT

Max 70 participants: 700€ + VAT

Max 100 participants: 900€ + VAT

Max 200 participants: 1100€ + VAT

More participants: ask for an offer

Got interested?

You can order the game using the form below, or by sending an email to contact@taz.fi. Tell us separately in the additional information field if you want customized questions for your game.

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